Based on precedent studies of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Jacobs House and the Robie House, and Adolf Loos’ Muller House, “Inter-Living” focuses on optimizing a combined lot for two middle income families; a typical middle aged couple with two children with one as the owner of the combined lot and the other rents the rest of the space.

The translation of studies of the suburban housing is translated in Astoria into a city-scape. Each family will have the “ suburban experience in the city.” The house is meant to provide a feeling of utopia, a private world for themselves by having each family not being able to see each other and a backyard is ten feet below street level that separates their space for the neighborhood. By combining the two lots, there is also an opportunity for the spaces of each family to interlock and shift in 3D that results a larger space than typical house in Astoria, and removes the need of having another house as a getaway. 

Study: Jacobs House

Study: Robie House

Study: Muller House

Study Analysis


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